It’s Party Time

The baby’s first haircut is a momentous event. Some parents wait a few years to cut their child’s hair as it can be difficult to part with their hair. It’s significant because a young child’s uncut hair is the same hair a child had when he or she was a baby. Parting with a baby’s things or qualities that make them a baby, such as their hair, can be a hard thing to part with. This is, in part, the signaling of an end to infancy and can carry some heavy emotions. Some parents take it well, but some are sad to see their child’s hair get cut.

However, marking the event and celebrating the event of getting a child’s hair cut for the first time makes the transition between infancy and early childhood easier. Marking the event can take place with pictures, keeping a lock of hair and other significant forms of celebration that marks the milestone. The lock of hair and pictures can be kept in a scrapbook or put on display in another manner. Other forms of marking the event can incorporate some form of celebration, such as visiting a theme park or having a party of sorts.

At times, children can get scared about cutting their hair. If they are not use to cutting their hair, they see their hair as an extension of themselves and might think that it will hurt them to cut their hair. If they can view cutting their hair as a fun thing, the process is much easier. When a salon can help assist in making the process easier, such as getting baby haircuts Los Angeles, children are more agreeable in getting their hair cut.

A haircut is a fun and exciting milestone to complete if the child understands that the process doesn’t hurt, that it’s a rite of passage of sorts, is voluntary and depends greatly on individual preferences. A hair cut can reflect the child’s likes and personality, which makes the process more enjoyable. Children are individually unique—some need more time than others to get their first hair cut. It all begins with a conversation and asking the child whether he or she is ready to get their hair cut. The rest is what the parent makes it.

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