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With the sheer amount of file sizes that people encounter these days, it is no wonder how valuable online backup services can be. Sure, hard disks today are huge, but files have also gotten bigger. Also, what happens if the devices we put our backups into becomes unusable?

This is where I find online backups of great use. I do not have to worry about maintenance and upgrades because they do everything behind the scenes to make sure any files I upload and download can be done any time I want to.

Memopal’s service lets users saves files to remote servers through a secure internet connection. I can saves files of all devices like my computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet where operating systems like ios, android and blackberry are supported.

They also have a  very good storage solution for photos. Its user interface is very easy to grasp. They have what they call the Memopal Photo album. Simply save all your photos with Memopal and keep them always with you. You can access your photos anytime, anywhere using any device.

Sync and retrieve. That is all. Create a free account now, download the Memopal Online Backup app and never worry about losing any files. The cloud is the solution for backup in today’s time.

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