What Are Palazzo Pants?

Palazzo trousers are incredibly versatile, stylish, and comfortable pants, but they’re not for the faint of fashionable heart. It takes a certain confidence to be able to wear palazzo pants, because while they are stylish, they are also quite bold and somewhat aspirational.

The traditional palazzo pant is like a trouser, only with much wider legs. Also, while trousers may be made of a mixture of cotton, polyester, and denim; a palazzo pant is always made out of silk or a similar lightweight fabric.

Ideally the legs of a palazzo pant will seem to float around you as you walk. This free-flowing movement combined with the lightweight material makes palazzo trousers the ideal summer pant, especially when paired with a cami shell or similar fitted top.

If you’re thinking about giving a palazzo pant a whirl, consider a subtle pattern that is dark navy or brown. This will give you nearly limitless opportunities for tops, while at the same time not causing you to feel too self-conscious as you become accustomed to a new style of clothing.

Or, if you have patterned tops that you’d love to re-purpose for summer wear, choose solid-colored palazzos to pair with them. Add a lightweight sweater or shawl for cool evenings, and a pair of strappy heels, and you’ll be all set!

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