The Most Popular “Animals” For Fake Fur

Fake fur is immensely popular due to its natural look, unique coloring, and likeness to real fur. Fake fur, or faux fur, is generally made up of synthetic fibers that are customized to look like real fur.

This fur is increasing in popularity due to strong animal rights movements that discourage real fur trade. Faux fur happens to be an almost indistinguishable substitute for the real deal, albeit no animals were harmed in the making.

Fake fur has come a long way since its inception and almost any animal pelt can be recreated. In the almost infinite realm of possibilities, there still happen to be some type of pelts that are more popular than other.


Cougar fake furs are popular due to their more neutral coloring. Cougars are typically white and beige which allows the fake fur to match almost any color decor. They are also considered a fairly exotic animal which adds to their desirability.

Cougars also have hair that is not uniform in length. Incorporating this alternating, uneven length of fur gives the fake fur a greater sense of realism and wildness.


A classicly popular look, the leopard epitomizes the exotic look that fur lovers flock to. First don’t mistake a leopard for a panther. Panthers are typically monotone in color, either jet black or beige.

Leopards are small, spotted nimble cats. Their almost cinnamon coloring combined with black ring pattern creates an eye-catching fur. The shorter fur makes for a sleeker, cleaner looking faux fur.

Its popularity stems from its pattern. While not all the rings/spots are exactly alike, the overall pattern creates a sort of continuity throughout. It’s nature’s version of “polka dots”.

Red Fox

While not a common choice, the red fox has increasing popularity due to its vibrancy. The reddish tinge and brown undertones are reminiscent of fall foliage. The best way to describe this type of fur is “organized chaos”.

The colors may seem random up close with shades of red, brown, and tan scattered throughout. However, looking at it from afar reveals a brilliant pattern that is entirely unique from other faux furs.

Its feathered texture provides a unique pattern that is stimulating both visually and to the touch. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find yourself continually stroking this unique, feathery pattern.


Zebra patterned fake fur is another pattern that is traditionally, incredibly popular. The black and white repeating stripes contrast each other in a visually appealing way.

The contrast and balance of the stripes provides a stylish look to both interior decorating and fashion. This faux fur can perfectly compliment solid color decor, especially white or black. The contrasting stripe provides a perfect accent.


Tiger stripes elicit emotions of both ferociousness and grace at the same time. The vibrant orange hue of the fur is accentuated through black stripes in an alternating, yet not necessarily uniform length pattern.

A tiger pattern will command the attention of the room. Whether it is a throw blanket, pillow, or rug; your eyes are immediately drawn to it. In fact, it will often times be the centerpiece of a room and the primary talking point.

This pattern is perfect to liven up any room and add some edginess to it.

Arctic Fox

Another fox to add to the list. The Arctic Fox features a pure snow white coat and subtle brown tips.

This simplistic yet elegant fake fur is popular due to its sleek nature. The longer fur invites you to curl up with it and embrace yourself with its warmth.

This fur can compliment almost any apparel or interior decor. Due to its neutral properties this type of faux fur can be used in combination with both solid color schemes as well as patterns.

Faux furs can add a unique, natural look to decor and fashion. They also can add to the utility of a room or outfit.

For example, adding a faux fur throw blanket to a neutral colored couch will add additional color and accent. It also provides you with instant warmth during a cool night. On the other hand, a fur scarf can add a fierce look to your outfit while shielding you

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