A Barbershop Shave Is The Epitome

A good old-fashioned traditional shave can be accomplished with exceptional wet shaving supplies that will provide the most satisfying shaves of your life. You will notice a dramatic difference when you use a good brush, a high quality thick rich shaving cream or gel brought to a lather, remove the lather with a straight edge razor or a double-edge safety razor, and finish off with an aftershave splash or balm.

Wool Fat Shaving Soap

A unique product is this soap handmade on Florida’s Gulf Coast, which gives the benefit of lanolin and creates a rich and silky lather that your razor will glide across. The soap, which makes a nice gift, comes in six scents: Amaretto for sensitive skin, Arabian Spice, Black Lavender with its sensual aroma; Mountain Spice with an earthy lingering scent of bay rum and amber, Tea Tree with an herbal scent and a hint of fresh mint, and Winter Grapefruit.

Horsehair or badger shaving brushes

Badger hair is the most popular because of its density and capacity to hold the lather and water. Horsehair brushes have become popular, especially with the way the hair is collected by painlessly brushing it from the mane or tail of the horse.

The Silver Bullet Travel Shaving Brush

Another unusual gift item for the man who constantly travels is this economical and handy brush that comes in a vented tube for storage between shaves.

These products are quickly being rediscovered by men dissatisfied with the usual shaving creams in a can and modern razors. Your shaving experience will feel like a luxury instead of a chore ritual that you need to perform about 13,000 times in your lifetime. You’ll also receive compliments that will make all the extra efforts worthwhile.

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