Orthopedic Specialists In The NYC Area

From sports and shoulder injuries to hip and groin pain, dynamic neuromuscular rehabilitation has quickly become the best orthopedic in the New York City go to facility for orthopedic conditions and sports medicine treatment.

What makes Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation different in the area of orthopedic condition treatment is that their head doctor for starters, Lev Kalika boasts a multifaceted education and unwavering passion for innovation that has dynamically catapulted this clinic into a new realm of therapeutic mastery.

They remain to be the first outpatient gait and motion analysis lab in the New York City area and continue to market themselves as a one stop, non-invasive sports injury and orthopedic rehabilitation facility.

Their specialists practice proven definitive methods to combat a variety of acute and chronic orthopedic conditions, many of which are the result of repetitive strain and/or sports traumas. At the heart of their efforts is the DNS method which means Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, a breakthrough scientific approach that has become the preferred pathway for many professional athletes with regard to their injuries and performance enhancement goals.

For the best orthopedic doctors nyc? Check out the Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Center.

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