The Benefits Of Drug Testing In A Company

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Who doesn’t want a drug free working environment in the first place, right? Random drug testing is common place but not every company actually takes this into consideration hard.

But they should, considering the various benefits that an employer can reap from a drug free working environment.

Employees are selected randomly for drug and alcohol testing. In addition to random selection, the time and date of the test are kept a secret until just prior to conducting it.

These measures prevent employees from avoiding it or preparing ahead of time. After all, so many people know what to do to avoid getting caught if they know firsthand when drug testing events can happen.

The good thing about random drug testing in companies is that all employees and volunteers, regardless of their title or position within the company are subject to drug testing. Nobody is safe. Any safety sensitive personnel, such as equipment operators, mechanics and construction workers should be included in the selection pool.

So how does this work?

When an employee has been selected, they must proceed immediately to the collection site. Any time spent taking a required drug test is considered hours worked under the Fair Labor Standards Act so employees must be paid for that time.

The USAMDT will set up the collection site at your location or the location of your choice so there is very little downtime and employees do not have the opportunity to cheat the test.

Results can be obtained from urine, saliva, or hair samples, so we can conduct random drug testing anywhere, even if privacy is not available.

Drug test results are considered personal health information, so there are restrictions on whether and how the information can be shared with others. This is why employers need a release form signed by employees prior to drug testing.

Wouldn’t you want to work in a drug free environment? If you are a high ranking officer, nobody will respect a drug addict heading the company they work for. Strive for a drug free work environment. Do random drug testing in your company now!

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