Sports Spirit

Show your pride for the person in your family who plays sports or for your favorite sports team. There are magnets that you can get for your car, decals for the windows and clothing to show your spirit while at a game.

You can find holiday ornaments as well. These items are ideal gifts for someone who seems to have everything as you can get the items personalized with the name and number of the player.

This is also a good fundraiser for schools. All you need to do is print a form so that students can collect orders, and when the orders are back, the items are delivered for payment.

The money raised by car magnets and other merchandise can be used for a specific sport or for the entire sports department at the school. You can find small lockers to hold all of the magnets that you get or to place key chains and other trinkets.

Magnets that you can order come with details for moms of players. These are great for parents who can’t always be at the games but still want to show support. Wall decals are also available, completing the collection of sports items for a team or family. Find out more by looking online at the pictures.

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