A Part Of Mama’s Memory

As i look back 4 years ago, i submitted or shall i say volunteered myself to becoming a financial consultant aka “agent” — in layman’s term, to my “red company”. Since then, i owe that certain moment to a close friend of mine “Niña” who simply asked me to just go with her as she was also a policy owner of my company now. To my husband who has been supportive all throughout. Everything came into place at the right time thats when I knew it was meant to be and that God has great plans for me.

Yes, life is hard but life in the life insurance business is even tougher. There are no exemptions, whether you are a senior, seasoned or newbie in the business everyone goes and walks through the same rough process– A process that most people cant see behind our smiles. 🙂 I have to say and i believe people in this industry are the warmest and friendliest that one could ever know.

Anyone can become part of this big and noble industry, but only those who have the purest motives and the passion to help others will stay for “decades”. Some come and go. for some, they just want a taste of it and the rest simply raised hands and quit.

In this business, one cannot be a true blood agent unless he or she experienced or served a claim to his or her clients. Which means that an agent should experience and deliver claims and benefit to its clients which i just did a year ago to a client of mine who had mild stroke. The experience was undescribable. If i were to define it, you would think im insane. Just before the year 2014 ended, ironic as it may sound, i delivered my first DEATH CLAIM for my late beloved mother.

What if you get sick? What if you get disabled? What if you die too soon? What if? What if? These are the words or questions one would hear from a life insurance agent. Questions that are never discussed even inside a household. For some it may sound odd, or like a curse for them. But if i was not an agent, i would still choose to pay for my parents’ life insurance. Because for me, after all the years that they have sacrificed and showed how much they LOVE me, they deserve to have that equal LOVE,respect and retain the dignity that they deserve.

Today, as i was holding my mama’s claim check, a flashback of memories came into mind. As my father would say, mama had so much plans for my brothers, for papa, for the house, plans to help her siblings. And now, just because of that simple gesture of LOVE, i know that even if she’s not around she will be happy knowing that we didnt stop living. Life is the same. its just that we have her as our angel now…

Again, if hearing those uncomfortable questions is a curse for others, for me it is an act of LOVE and an act that us her loved ones will continue to live the way she wanted…

Now, God made it clear to me that It was all part of his big plan. i receive it for his greater glory and i am ready to accept his future surprises for me and my family– as quoted by Pope Francis

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