Quality Online Jewel Recovery Services

In today’s world of jewel related businesses, customers are many times surprised to find that there are few places where they can maximize their returns and needs with gold and other precious or semi-precious materials–at one time.

Until the Internet came on the scene with its nature and far-reaching dynamics, it was a laborious process of going from one place of business to the next in search of specifically required services. Today, this sometimes unpleasant and time consuming experience has all but disappeared thanks to many fine and reputable online jewel recovery websites such as JRGInc.com. As a minimum, online jewel recovery providers should include several services:


Not left to novices, this is a highly specialize field and requires skilled precise training in dealing with high commodity materials such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Stone Removal:

On a customer’s request, diamonds, gemstones, gold pieces and gold inlays many times need removal from a jewelry piece itself. However, can one be certain that all pieces were returned to the owner? Notwithstanding, this service requires professional and responsible handling.


Perhaps one of the most neglected aspects of jewel recovery, the assay process is another highly valued field that needs expert handling and educated experience.

In essence, the appraisal, testing and verification of a material such as ore or gold, attests to its quality, ingredient composition, weight and authenticity. Without the assayer’s evaluation and issuing stamp, the material may suffer a price devaluation on the open market.

Because of the lightning-fast nature of the Internet, the jewel recovery process is now maximized to a higher level than ever before. Convenience, speed and trustworthiness have today become the signature mark of this rapidly growing and highly regarded industry.

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