5 Good reasons why you should not skip your breakfast

Are you the health enthusiast but don’t get time for the fitness routine? Are you always in hurry and not get time to have your meals on time? Do you feel like skipping breakfast frequently? If yes, then you are at big health risk! Your habits can lead you to serious circumstances and you need be cautious now to avoid any health shocks in future.
Out of many health blunders committed by the weight watchers or health freaks, skipping the breakfast is the major one. Those looking forward to have quick weight loss or those craving for the excellent health overnight will first start skipping their meals and that too breakfast as it doesn’t seem as significant as lunch and dinner. Skipping the breakfast may turn out into big disaster, check out the reasons.

1.    It actually breaks fast

Your body undergoes compulsive fasting after dinner time as you sleep for the whole night. Your body craves for food after fasting for almost eight hours during sleep. The metabolism is at its peak at this hour and when you skip this meal then you would be starving. Starving in the morning will keep you low for the entire day and also bring down your energy levels considerably. If you don’t want your entire day to be spoilt because of loss of energy and enthusiasm then don’t skip this major meal of the day.
2.    You have whole day to burn the calories consumed

It has been said that “Have breakfast like a king!” and it is factually correct. When you have hearty breakfast, the calorie intake would also be hearty. As the breakfast is the first meal in the morning, you don’t need to worry about the calorie count much as you have whole day ahead for using those calories. The heavy breakfast will further reduce your calorie intake in lunch and subsequent meals.
3.    Enhanced Metabolism

As stated earlier, your body metabolism is highest in the morning and when you don’t feed it with the required amount of calories then it will negatively affect your metabolism. The reduction in metabolism will reduce your body’s calorie burning capacity and the metabolism will be at its lowest during dinner time. Thus, your metabolism graph goes down subsequently. Take advantage of your morning metabolism and have the calories as required to keep up the metabolism for the whole day through.
4.    Aids Digestion

There are lot many food options available in breakfast. You can include vitamins, proteins, roughage, and lots of fluids in this meal. The right combination of dishes in breakfast would aid your digestive system well. Heavy breakfast will keep your digestive system active and would help you get the maximum nutrients from your every meal.
5.    It can be taken at uniform time

Your health can be given instant boost by taking meals at uniform time. This will release the digestive juices at standard time every day and hence keep you healthy. Breakfast is an immediate meal after waking up and hence won’t face much of delay like other meals during the day.

The first meal of the day is the vital meal so you don’t ever think of skipping it as it will take a heavy toll on your body and mind.

About the author:

Carol, a self-employed professional blogger.  She spends most of the time in kitchen to prepare new and healthy recipes for her family. She cherishes to share these recipes to related blogs. She is currently working on recipes that complement HCG Diet from Nutra Pure, a supplement that helps one lose some extra fat from body.


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