Wedding Planner In London

Wedding Planner in London

It’s often (wrongly) assumed that the life of the wedding planner in London is one of an essentially administrative capacity – a hired helper charged with looking after formalities as opposed to having any real input. In reality however, things are rather different as while a wedding planner will often do anything that’s asked of them, it is what they get up to without being asked that makes all the difference.

The Life of a London Wedding Planner

Wedding planners get to show their stuff when plans for the big day get underway, but at all times a leading professional will be working tirelessly behind the scenes for the benefit of their clients. In a city like London for example with literally tens of thousands of different places available for couples looking to get married, how do you think the wedding planner narrows things down to a select few? Pure chance? Random guesswork every time?

Of course not – it instead comes down to a non-stop commitment to the cause which means constantly scouring what’s available and evaluating all options against one another. Before any wedding planner can make any kind of recommendation, they have to know the options inside-out and it’s worth remembering that this goes far beyond just the venues themselves.

When you actually think about the various boxes a wedding planner ticks, it’s pretty mind-blowing stuff. From florists to musicians to catering to transport providers to accommodation and everything else besides, they need a comprehensive knowledge of each and every sub-element across the board in order to make it work. And what’s more, they need to have built the kinds of relationships with these providers that facilitate the lowest possible prices for their clients.

Suffice to say, all of the above represents a pretty concise illustration of why all London wedding planners are indeed not cut from the same cloth.

Cultural Considerations

Of course, it’s all well and good to know what you’re doing for a bride, groom and family from your own background and culture, but what about when you’re working in the single most culturally diverse city in the world? Well, the simple answer is that you face a job that’s a million times more complicated than it appears on the surface and demands a lifetime of commitment to get right.

All of which explains why Ayshea, the brain behind is adamant that choosing any-old wedding planner at random just to help ‘tick’ a few boxes has the very real potential to lead to a situation where you’re paying for more of a hindrance than a help.

The moment you begin to understand exactly what a wedding planner in London does is the moment you should realise that choosing blindly is not a good idea…ever!

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