Civil War Collectibles

Fans of different historical eras will undoubtedly be able to share the many joys they find in collecting memorabilia associated with their favorite time period. One favorite collectible era in the United States is the Civil War era.

Why Collect Civil War Memorabilia

The Civil War was a challenging and dramatic time in our nation’s history. Not many nations have survived a civil conflict of the magnitude of the War Between the States.

For that reason alone, it’s a period of great historic significance that provides much enjoyment for collectors of all sorts, from amateur hobbyists, teachers and re-enactors to even more serious collectors.

What You Can Collect…and How

The wide variety of Civil War collectibles provides lots of opportunity for collectors to specialize in certain kinds of artifacts or in different sides of the fighting.

Some of the more popular collectible items include swords, knives, belt buckles, canteens and uniform buttons. It can also be a fascinating though challenging hobby to collect items specific to Confederate culture, such a Confederate currency notes.

You can collect these and other items through Civil War collectible shops and preservationist societies. Many of these will help you to research for items and even help provide authentication of the artifacts when possible.

Whether you end up starting a general collection or collecting some narrowly specific treasures, Civil War collecting can become a great hobby and lead you to connections with like-minded historical collectors.

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