5 Great Sneakers For Athletes

If your shoes take a beating during your everyday life, it’s important to find brands that are strong and durable enough to handle your normal levels of activity. Here are just five sneakers worth considering if you’re always on the go.

1. Air Jordan Retro 3 ‘Sport Blue’ Mens

Built with an eye towards comfort and style, these retro Air Jordans are just as amazing as the day they were made. Play a game of hoops; take a morning jog; prop up your feet on your desk. These sneakers will see you through all activities.

2. Nike Foamposite Pro “Red October’ Mens

You won’t find any shoe on the market quite like the Red Octobers. This is because they’re made of “foamposite,” an amazing blend of fibers designed to give you maximum speeds and distances as you tackle all of life’s challenges. They simply don’t make them like this anymore.

3. Nike Dunk High Premium ‘Scribble’

If you’re looking for something completely different, try the Nike Scribbles. In addition to being a plush and colorful high-top, they also come with a one-of-a-kind scribble design that’s sure to turn heads no matter where you wear them.

4. Womens Nike Air Huarache Run ‘Aloha Floral’ Black

Ladies, these are for you. With thick padded undersoles, the Huarache Runs are great for all kinds of athletic activity, including jogging, cycling and climbing. They’re also specially engineered for the comfort of female feet.

5. Air Jordan Retro 6 ‘Carmine’ GS Youth

If your son is starting young, make sure to give him these sneakers. Not only will they support his arches and heel-to-toe transitions as he grows, but they’ll also give him the confidence to face things head-on and without fear. His Air Jordans will have his back.

These are just five sneakers you’ll want in your closet if you’re active and athletic. Instead of wasting money on off-brand footwear, go ahead and shop now for the real deal. It’s an indulgence that will pay off when you’re on the track or the basketball court.

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