How To Care For Your Swords

From sabras to replica anime swords, proper care is essentially to maintaining your sword. In fact, improper care, cleaning and storage are the common cause of damage to swords. Because of this, we have complied the following tips to guide you through the right way to care for your swords.

Sword Cleaning Tips
• Use a clean, microfiber cloth to carefully wipe the blade of the sword.
• After you have cleaned the blade, oil it with a thin layer of baby oil. Depending on the type of blade you have and the manufacturer recommended instructions, you should oil the blade once every 1 to 6 months.
• The handle of the sword will also need cleaning. For wood handles and scabbard, use lemon oil, varnish, wax or lacquer to thoroughly clean all wooden parts. For brass components, use a polish designed for brass.
• Wax any leather elements that are featured on the sword with a high quality paste wax designed for use on leather.

Sword Caring Tips
• No matter how much you want to, don’t bang your sword against another sword, such as performing a theatrical duel, unless your sword is designed for such actions.
• Don’t bang the sword against any hard surface or object. Doing so could leave dents and various other damage on the sword.

Sword Storing Tips
• Never store the sword in its leather scabbard for an extended period of time. Moisture that naturally occurs in the leather will lead to rapid oxidizing. You can, however, store the sword in a scabbard with a wooden care if you properly oil the blade for storing.
• Keeping a light coating of oil, as we discussed in the Cleaning Tip section, will help prevent the blade from rusting.
• Refraining from excess touching of the blade. The oils naturally found in our skin are actually bade for metal. If, however, you have to handle the blade, make sure to wipe off fingerprints after each handling.
• If you find your blade has a bit or rust, use WD40 cleaner to remove it. For extreme rust problems, consider seeking the help of a professional sword restorer. They will be able to determine the best method and action to remove stubborn rust and bring the sword back to its once pristine appearance.

Proper care, cleaning, storing and preventative action will help prolong the life of your sword. When in doubt about how to correctly care for your sword, it’s better to be safe than sorry so always consult with a trusted professional.

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