Salut d’amour; perfect wedding music for your day.

Picking the right music can be one of the most difficult of decisions when planning your wedding. Soundtracking the entire day is a big ask, especially as you transition from one setting and mood to another. From sophisticated ceremony to the tipsy cheesy dancing at two in the morning, music will be the life blood of your day, and choosing what you want early on can’t be emphasised enough.

So, if you are looking for a piece of classical music to be an accompaniment to your wedding ceremony or a elegant interlude, you can’t go wrong with Salut d’amour. This gentle and whimsical work is often considered one of the most romantic of classical arrangements, and is popular world-wide for weddings.’Amour


It was composed by English composer, Edward Elgar (Sir Edward William Elgar, 2 June 1857-23 February 1934). One of Britain’s greatest composers, he rose from humble beginnings in a cottage just outside Worcester, to become an important part of the international classical concert repertoire. If you hail from or are planning your wedding around Worcestershire or even West Midlands then this piece may have particular resonance for you. In West Midlands you’ll find some of the most absolutely stunning wedding venues in the UK like Birtsmorton Court where you can enjoy the traditional setting of the music.

Salut d’amour

Elgar wrote the piece of music while, it could be imagined he himself was in love. He finished it in July 1888 and it became an engagement present for his future wife. It was first known as ‘Liebesgruss’ (Love’s greeting). Salut d’amour is one of Elgar’s most well-known works, and certainly his most romantic. Elgar is also known for his works the ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ marches, but that might be a tad over the top for the walk down the ailse!


Salut d’amour was originally written for piano and string, but this piece could easily adapted into something that would suit your wedding. I have seen arrangements of it in it’s original setting, as well for a string quartet, violin and cello and even simply the piano. The combination of piano and violin is simply sublime, however a string quartet at a wedding is one of the most elegant and beautiful of additions. The great thing about it being such a popular work is that you will find plenty of musicians familiar, and in all probability, great lovers of it. It’s not a particularly long piece, so as part of the ceremony it can work wonderfully.

Light and airy, uplifting, yet sure to bring a tear to everyone’s eye when they first see you in your finery, this piece is without doubt the perfect romantic theme to your day. Shut your eyes, put your feet up, have a good listen and imagine the setting which inspired it, the picturesque landscape of Worcestershire. Wedding bliss!

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