Must-Haves For A Minnie Mouse Party

Disney has given us the gift of not only timeless characters but also great birthday party themes. There are tons of cartoons to choose from, but one of the most classic has to be Minnie Mouse. If you’re looking for a kids’ party theme that’s cute and fun, look no further than Miss Minnie. Below is a list of Minnie Mouse party essentials. From decorations to attire, your party can have the perfect Minnie-esque flair!

Ears, ears, and more ears! (But don’t forget the bow, too)

A Minnie Mouse party wouldn’t be complete without her famous ears and pretty pink bow. Putting together the Minnie look doesn’t have to be costly. You can make the ears yourself out of cloth and black headbands, or buy plain, inexpensive black rounded mouse ears from a costume store. For the bow, you can simply purchase colored, thick ribbon (pink, red, or polka-dotted will do) and tie them yourself, attaching them to the top of the headband with superglue that dries clear.


Spice up your party with party favors! lil threadz offers custom-designed t-shirts that are imprinted your favorite Minnie Mouse image onto—you also have a choice of design, fabric, color, and more. These will make the perfect addition to the kids’ party gift bags and, because they are high-quality, they’ll last a long time.

Treats & Sweets

Minnie Mouse treats are easy to make—you can do it yourself at home without buying them. While you’ll probably have a Minnie Mouse themed cake, you can also incorporate Disney’s famous mouse into your snacks as well. A Minnie Mouse shape is pretty simple. It’s essentially one large circle (her head) and two smaller ones (her ears). When making cookies, stick to that basic outline and then, in pink frosting, paint a bow on them. Add sprinkles for polka-dots, and voila! Minnie Mouse cookies. This same idea can work for Oreos and mini-Oreos. Dip them in chocolate and attach them while they’re still wet so they can dry and stick together. Use frosting to add the bows and arrange them on a pink or red plate.


For a fun game, try a mousey twist on the “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” Try “Pin the Bow on the Mouse” instead. Take a cutout of Minnie, minus her ribbon, and give each kid a bow. Blindfold them and have them try to pin the bow between her ears. The kid that gets the closest can win a prize!

Healthy Snacks

If you want to provide some balance for your party treats by adding in some fruit, then there are some Minnie must-haves you should know. First, take two fresh strawberries and cut off the top, leafy part. Lay them end to end so that their pointy tips are facing one another. Take a fresh blueberry and place it between the ends. Then, stick a toothpick horizontally through the strawberry-blueberry-strawberry arrangement. What you should have is a little bow made of fruit. Arrange them on a plate and you’ll have a nice, healthy snack to balance out the rest of the party’s treats while sticking with the Minnie Mouse theme. Another must-have when it comes to healthy treats is to make a fruit basket out of a hollowed-out watermelon. Scoop out the insides of a watermelon, and dice them along with other fruit. Then, take two smaller bowls, put them at the top of the hollowed-out watermelon “bowl,” and fill them up.

Minnie Mouse is a classic, enduring character that your party guests (and you) will love. Combine these must-haves for a Minnie Mouse party any way you want for the perfect effect. Enjoy!

Lautaro Martinez is a father who enjoys the challenges and laughters everyday brings while raising his little ones. He enjoys blogging about his experiences and always welcomes his readers to follow him on his Google+ profile.

The Best Board Games For Toddlers And Children

You can often learn a lot more through play than you can through any other activity. No more is this true than with toddlers and children. For the first three or five years of their lives, your children have to learn a lot of things – such as movement, language, recognizing shapes and colours, and learning how to read and write. This is a lot to take in, so finding ways that are fun and enjoyable to help in this are essential, and board games are a fantastic way of implementing this. Board games for children also teach essential social skills, such as fair play, honesty, mutual enjoyment, and – most crucially – the importance of losing gracefully and accepting that they can’t always have things their way.

The last is actually an essential thing to learn. While parents may be tempted to let their kids win, both because they don’t want to hurt their child’s feelings and because they want to avoid tantrums, it actually proves more damaging in the long run. If a child always wins, they’re not being taught how to handle situations where they fail, even if they do everything right. This actually makes them more prone to tantrums, can sabotage how they interact with other kids, and can cause even more damage to self-esteem.

As well as helping your kids learn, board games for toddlers and children are also a fantastic way for you and your children to socialize and build stronger family bonds. In order to foster a long-lasting and healthy relationship within the family, activities such as these are almost essential. In this day and age, it’s increasingly difficult for families to find intentional, uninterrupted time to spend together, especially with on-demand television, social media, and computer games. Board games offer a healthy and fun way of remedying that.

Of course, you need to make sure that the board games you play are actually suitable. More renowned classics such as Clue, Monopoly, and Scrabble may be too challenging and over-complicated for the average infant to grasp. In general, if you’re looking for something that’s suitable for your kids to play, you want a game that has the following qualities.

  • Its rules are easy to learn and play, with nothing too complicated or abstract.
  • It utilizes skills that young children already have or are developing.
  • It’s fair – each player has an equal chance of winning, regardless of age or individual capability.
  • Often overlooked, but make sure it’s a game your child likes to play!

Once your child has grown up, say by the time they reach elementary school, you can branch out and introduce more in-depth and sophisticated games for them to play, like chess, Chinese checkers or Boggle.

Try some of this games to help get your weekly, or even daily, gaming sessions started with your children.

Snakes and Ladders

A really simple one to learn, and probably among the first board games your kids will play. It comes in a variety of variations and sets, so you can easily find it at any children’s toy store. Such is its simplicity you can even make it yourself. All you need is to draw up a board on some card or paper, a dice and a set of counters.


AT fifty years old, this game is a household classic. Featuring a very brightly coloured and fun board game, with simple and easily remembered rules, Candyland can be considered a good introduction into more complex games with more varied rules and conditions.

My First Orchard

A more co-operative game. Its premise is that the kids need to collect as much fruit into their baskets as possible before a raven eats it all. It’s simple, it’s light-hearted and it’s fun to play.

Pie Face

Pie Face is a very recent, fun and light-hearted game with a simple premise. Much like Mousetrap or Don’t Wake Dad, the idea is to avoid some sort of mishap happening to the player. In this case, getting a pie to the face. This is undoubtedly going to amuse the whole family immensely, but do be careful of the mess!

Connect Four

Last but not least, Connect Four is a game that’s great for passing the time or when there’s just the two of you. It helps teach children how to recognize patterns, plan ahead with their strategies and work creatively to win the game. Add to its simplicity, and you’ve got a winner (pardon the pun).

Though all these games are great to play with your tiny tots. Though, if you notice that your child might have difficulties with motor skills, or hand-eye coordination, etc., you could always seek advice from other parents or pediatricians, such as the ones at Night Lite, to find games that can help with their growth and development.

Christian Mills is a family man and freelance writer, who in his spare time loves to hangout with his kids. If you would like to learn more about Christian and the fun he has with his kids, you can check out his google+ profile

Best Influencers For Your Niche

Every good business manager knows that being connected is one of the safest and most effective ways of being  at the top of the game. And the best way to create those powerful business connections is to know who to follow and who to connect with.

Who are the best influencers in your game? Who is constantly bringing new ideas, trying new strategies and who is the most innovative person in your industry or niche? These are some of the questions every manager should have an answer for. And, most importantly, the best managers should know what these trendsetters are doing and what are their latest ideas. After all, constant innovation is what keeps a company at the top.

Let’s see which are some of the most important niches in the online industry and who are their best influencers:

  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the largest and most diverse niches in the online business sector. Sometimes heavily criticized by large companies and big players in the industry, SEO has evolved greatly during the last decade. New techniques are changing this competitive niche and there are many influencers to follow. Neil Patel, a Seattle-based entrepreneur, is widely considered as one of the best SEO specialists in the world. He is the brain behind KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, two powerful search engine analytics tools available online. He also runs his own blog, Quicksprout, where he discusses his latest strategies and innovative ideas. During his career, he helped large companies, like Amazon, GM, HP and NBC, grow their online presence and revenue. He also received a diploma from President Obama for being one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 and a similar award from the United States House of Representatives.

  1. Data visualization and online digital media

Data visualization makes boring data understandable and exciting for the average user. It helps us gain access to complex and difficult information through intuitive graphics, drawings, and images. Data visualization attracts thousands of excellent artists which bring new ideas every year. However, only a few can be considered top influencers in the field. Aaron Koblin, an American digital media artist, is one of the best data visualizers around. He has a background in crowdsourcing, interactive film, and scenography, but he is best known as the creator of the “Flight Patterns” data visualization. In this work, he helped us see a single day’s air traffic over the United States. In 2014, he received the National Design Award for Interactive Design and now works as a Creative Director at Google. He constantly blogs about the latest innovations in the field and has thousands of followers.

  1. Content Marketing

Content Is King!, as Bill Gates famously said, is a great sentence to describe what content marketing is about. Educating others, engaging readers, creating value and bringing quality to your followers is what being online is all about. Companies need to provide top quality content for their audiences and there are certain content marketing companies that are able to provide exactly that. You can also use a social media influencer platform, like NeoReach, to spread your content. There are also some excellent content marketing experts out there that you’ll have to follow. Gerry Moran, Head of Social Media and Content and Cognizant, is one of the leading experts in this field. Having an experience of over 30 years, Gerry is an expert in social media marketing and content creation. He advised some huge names in the business, including IKEA, HBO, and Shell, as well as famous singers and celebrities. He is specialized in Linkedin content marketing, but also in business content marketing on various platforms.

  1. eCommerce

eCommerce is an incredibly fast moving industry and staying up-to-date with the latest innovations is critical. There are a lot of interesting people to follow in this sector, but there are only a few who constantly bring something new to the table. Bryan Eisenberg, an author of several online marketing books, is widely regarded as one of the best eCommerce specialists today. His famous “Waiting for your cat to bark?” and “Always be Testing” are pivotal works and established him as an important influencer in the industry. During his career, he worked for Google, HP, Dell, NBC, and many others, helping them increase leads, conversions and sales. He is also the founder of Digital Analytics Association, a powerful organization that helps other online marketers.

Flaviu Mircea is a small business owner who knows all too well the struggles of social media marketing. Though, he has learned a lot through his endeavor to promote his company and has graciously shared with his audience the ins and outs of succesfully marketing. If you would like to learn more about Flaviu, you can check out his Google+ profile.

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