Breezing Through Your Laundry Day: Six Tips For Busy Individuals

The general consensus is that we all hate laundry day. The task of sorting through dirty clothes, choosing the right products and washing machine settings, drying the clothes and folding them can be quite time consuming. Sure, you can keep on going without washing until you wear all of the clothes in your closet. Sooner or later, however the dreaded laundry day will come.

Though finding somebody else to do laundry for you will be the ideal solution (we’d all love that), simplifying laundry day on your own is possible. Here are several ingenious hacks and suggestions that will save you time and reduce the effort required.

Have Separate Laundry Baskets

Separate laundry baskets are ideal for sorting your dirty clothes throughout the week. By separating the clothes right from the start, you’ll be saving time during laundry day.

The best way to sort your laundry involves three laundry hampers – for white clothes, colored items and delicates. Toss those in the respective hamper immediately after getting the clothes off. By having the clothes pre-sorted, you’ll be ready to put the entire hamper’s content in the washing machine during laundry day.

Wash New Clothes Separately the First Time

We’ve all done this mistake – a simple red sock that has somehow gotten in the delicates basket will stain all underwear and give it a delicate pink color. Avoiding the disaster is very simple.

New colored clothes can bleed the first time they’re washed. This is particularly true for darker and brighter colors like red, purple or blue. To avoid disasters, wash colored new clothes separately the first time. You may also want to hand-wash these items (if you don’t have enough clothes to do the laundry in the machine). If the items don’t bleed, they can be washed with your other colored clothes the next time.

Get Stains Out Immediately

To wash your clothes less frequently, deal with stains immediately. This way, the clothes can wait in the hamper till laundry day without getting ruined.

The sooner you tackle stubborn stains, the easier they’re going to be to deal with.

Club soda, baking soda, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide can be used to address the most common stain varieties. The market also has specialized products for spot treatments. Buying a bottle or two and making sure you always have such products at home will make it easier to clean your clothes immediately and reduce the frequency of using the washing machine.

Avoid Ironing through This Simple Hack

To avoid ironing, you may want to decrease the use of the drying machine. Get clothes out of the dryer immediately after its work is done. Keeping clothes inside for a long period of time will “solidify” the wrinkles and make the items impossible to wear without ironing.

Alternatively, you may want to ditch the dryer altogether. Air drying your clothes is environment-friendly, it gives the clothes a fresh scent and it also prevents them from getting wrinkled.

Clean Your Washing Machine and Your Dryer

Have you ever gotten clothes out of the washing machine just to find them smelling funky? Has this happened with your dryer, as well? The problem is very annoying and it can even force you to wash the clothes a second time.

A funky smell could be caused by the fact that you haven’t cleaned the washing machine and the dryer recently…. or ever!

Get in the habit of cleaning the appliances thoroughly every few months. Otherwise, gunk, soapy water and dirt will accumulate inside. In addition, cleaning the appliances will make them work more effectively and give you cleaner clothes.

Fold Like a Boss

The final annoying task you’ll have to deal with is folding. Chanced are that you’ve seen those Japanese videos featuring people that fold T-shirts in 3.5 seconds. Even if you don’t master such techniques, you can still simplify and speed up folding.

There are tons of efficient folding hacks that you can try for different kinds of clothes. Fold the clothes right out of the dryer – the more you postpone the task, the more you’re not going to feel like doing it.

You can also avoid folding clothes altogether. Rolling shirts will keep them from getting wrinkled and it will also help you optimize your closet space. In addition, rolling rather than folding is very easy for everyone, including your kids.

By Cliff Derksen, owner of First Impressions Janitorial, a Winnipeg cleaning company (

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