Blog Marketing Tips – The Importance Of Writing Articles

If you’re just starting your blog and want to be successful at it, you need to increase your readership and get as many eyeballs to it as possible. Gone are the days when all you had to do was build the blog, optimize it and your viewership would automatically increase.

This is why you need to constantly create and write excellent content for your blog. In fact, if you’ve been around for a while, you’d have heard the phrase “content is king”. Now, there are different forms of content.

But from experience, we have found that people still love reading and tend to take articles more seriously than other forms of content. Joining an online community like Kreativa can aid you in content ideas if you find yourself struggling. If you haven’t seriously committed to writing articles as part of a blog growth strategy, you should start today. Here’s why:

Creates Engagement

Nothing is better for creating serious engagement on your website and blog than excellently written articles. The more resources and information you offer, the better your chances of creating and increasing engagement on your blog.

This is important because engagement naturally means that visitors get to spend more time on your website as well as interact with you more. In marketing, one of the keys to high conversion rates and sky-high revenues is the trust and like factor.

If people love interacting with you courtesy of your awesome content, they will be more open to buying your products or following your product recommendations.

Drives Traffic

For blog owners who are short on cash or have a small budget, creating excellent content on both your blogs and other high-value blogs in your niche is a surefire way to drive tons of traffic to your website.

Thanks to social media, people are often more than happy to share an excellent resource with friends, family and colleagues – all of which result in extra traffic for you. If you want to take it up a notch and generate even more traffic, here’s a step by step guide:

  • Write and create about 15-20 top quality blog posts and put them up on your blog.
  • Then, compile a list of medium to high authority and high traffic blogs and websites in your niche.
  • Get familiar with their content and writing style – you’ll need this later.
  • Maybe do some commenting on their content so that when you pitch them later, you won’t be a complete stranger – we suggest doing this over the course of one month.
  • Look at some of their more popular topics and look for hot button issues where they didn’t do an excellent job of breaking down that issue.
  • Now, pitch those websites with those topic ideas.
  • When you get the go ahead, write a detailed article on that topic and send it to them.
  • If your article meets their guidelines, they’ll often publish it with credits or a byline that includes your blog.

Generates Backlinks

If you did the first two very well, you’ll naturally generate backlinks from high-value websites which will result in increased search rankings and visibility.

This is possible because these websites typically have credibility in the “eyes” of the search engines courtesy of their domain authority and trust factors – think of it as getting recommendations from high-value individuals in the real world.

Improves Your Conversion Rates

Well written and epic articles mean higher conversion rates – technobabble for response or action rates. This is because these articles naturally position you as an authority in the industry and increase your value.

As a result, your visitors are more likely to want to listen more and read whatever you have to say or write. This implicit trust is why they will be more inclined towards getting on your mailing list, following your suggestions, product recommendations and even buy any products or services you’re selling.

Bottom line, good articles make you more valuable. Write higher quality articles and you’ll soon see that your blog will be successful.

Oscar King has been utilizing different marketing tools throughout his years, while running his own business. He has experienced the ups and downs of marketing and enjoys sharing with his audience his personal tips and journey. If you would like to learn more about Oscar, you can check out his Google+ profile

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