Must-Haves For A Minnie Mouse Party

Disney has given us the gift of not only timeless characters but also great birthday party themes. There are tons of cartoons to choose from, but one of the most classic has to be Minnie Mouse. If you’re looking for a kids’ party theme that’s cute and fun, look no further than Miss Minnie. Below is a list of Minnie Mouse party essentials. From decorations to attire, your party can have the perfect Minnie-esque flair!

Ears, ears, and more ears! (But don’t forget the bow, too)

A Minnie Mouse party wouldn’t be complete without her famous ears and pretty pink bow. Putting together the Minnie look doesn’t have to be costly. You can make the ears yourself out of cloth and black headbands, or buy plain, inexpensive black rounded mouse ears from a costume store. For the bow, you can simply purchase colored, thick ribbon (pink, red, or polka-dotted will do) and tie them yourself, attaching them to the top of the headband with superglue that dries clear.


Spice up your party with party favors! lil threadz offers custom-designed t-shirts that are imprinted your favorite Minnie Mouse image onto—you also have a choice of design, fabric, color, and more. These will make the perfect addition to the kids’ party gift bags and, because they are high-quality, they’ll last a long time.

Treats & Sweets

Minnie Mouse treats are easy to make—you can do it yourself at home without buying them. While you’ll probably have a Minnie Mouse themed cake, you can also incorporate Disney’s famous mouse into your snacks as well. A Minnie Mouse shape is pretty simple. It’s essentially one large circle (her head) and two smaller ones (her ears). When making cookies, stick to that basic outline and then, in pink frosting, paint a bow on them. Add sprinkles for polka-dots, and voila! Minnie Mouse cookies. This same idea can work for Oreos and mini-Oreos. Dip them in chocolate and attach them while they’re still wet so they can dry and stick together. Use frosting to add the bows and arrange them on a pink or red plate.


For a fun game, try a mousey twist on the “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” Try “Pin the Bow on the Mouse” instead. Take a cutout of Minnie, minus her ribbon, and give each kid a bow. Blindfold them and have them try to pin the bow between her ears. The kid that gets the closest can win a prize!

Healthy Snacks

If you want to provide some balance for your party treats by adding in some fruit, then there are some Minnie must-haves you should know. First, take two fresh strawberries and cut off the top, leafy part. Lay them end to end so that their pointy tips are facing one another. Take a fresh blueberry and place it between the ends. Then, stick a toothpick horizontally through the strawberry-blueberry-strawberry arrangement. What you should have is a little bow made of fruit. Arrange them on a plate and you’ll have a nice, healthy snack to balance out the rest of the party’s treats while sticking with the Minnie Mouse theme. Another must-have when it comes to healthy treats is to make a fruit basket out of a hollowed-out watermelon. Scoop out the insides of a watermelon, and dice them along with other fruit. Then, take two smaller bowls, put them at the top of the hollowed-out watermelon “bowl,” and fill them up.

Minnie Mouse is a classic, enduring character that your party guests (and you) will love. Combine these must-haves for a Minnie Mouse party any way you want for the perfect effect. Enjoy!

Lautaro Martinez is a father who enjoys the challenges and laughters everyday brings while raising his little ones. He enjoys blogging about his experiences and always welcomes his readers to follow him on his Google+ profile.

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