The Price Of Not Following Packaging Regulations

For residential customers, packaging means something much different than packaging as it relates to business shipments, especially those that might contain hazardous materials. Most residential customers never have to contend with what it would be like to ship hazardous materials. They ship letters or small gifts here or there. What businesses contend with is much more serious and failing to follow regulations in regards to shipping hazardous material can result in grave consequences for the business, up to and including criminal charges if the shipment involved hazardous material that leaked or caused injury.

Training courses for packaging

Hazardous materials packaging services are full of safety regulations and guidelines. If businesses fail to follow these guidelines, they might cause serious harm to the people who must handle the packaging. They might also suffer stiff financial penalties and even criminal charges. Companies like Ten-E help businesses comply with the regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation. Training in hazardous materials packaging if vital if businesses are going to continue to stay in operation.

Training is the law

This isn’t an option that businesses have, although most businesses that ship hazardous materials want as much training as they can get to do so. They want their employees to be highly skilled and knowledgeable about the law as it pertains to hazardous shipments and the proper way to ship them so that everyone who handles them is as safe as possible. The training courses offered help companies avoid criminal and civil penalties too. For example, failing to get the training needed can result in hefty fines of up to $50,000. No business wants to wake up with that kind of needless penalty hanging over their head.

Going above and beyond

Businesses who deal in hazardous materials will often require employees to go above and beyond in their training. The business itself usually offers additional and ongoing training programs so that employees become more comfortable in their line of work and know more about the law in relation to the business they work for. Most businesses who handle hazardous material do their best to keep everyone safe and to make sure that materials get where they are going. When training is thrown into the mix, everyone stays a lot safer and feels like they know more about their functions.

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