A Huge Crocodile?

I saw this photo somewhere in the Internet and it says world’s most huge crocodile. Do you believe it? At a first short glance, I thought so too at least. Then again, when I checked the whole photo, I saw a small girl standing near it. I mean come on! Who in their right mind would let a kid or even a grownup stand near a very huge crocodile?

I know many people have this misconception that they are slow moving but believe me, they can be fast before you know that their jaws already grabbed you. I would like to believe this photo is real but that little girl standing near it just made it impossible for me to think this was not faked.

Horseback Riding

horsebackDuring the fiesta in Cagayan de Oro last week when we went to the Peryahan, it was my very first time to ride on a real horse. Haha! I was really scared at first because I have never, ever experienced riding in one before and while my sister in law and I were lining up, I had this shaking feeling of me falling off from the horse. Me and my negativity right?

It turned out to be quite fun. While the horse just circled the field once, I felt the urge to have a go at it again. Well, just the urge anyway since I would have to spend another 25 pesos for another ride on the horse and we already spent so much on that day. It was quite an experience. I even liked my horse because its hair was well trimmed hehe.

My husband wanted me to do the lone ranger bit and have the horse try to hand up. No way! lolz. The guide held the rope while he walked around with me so as to guide the horse. Part of me was still scared that someway, somehow the horse might go wild. You know those stories. But part of me was also excited while riding on it. It was a good experience for me. Who knows, I might ride a carabao next lolz.

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