Bra Cure For Cleavage Wrinkles

This news article tidbit from GMA News looks to be a welcome news to women who have problems with cleavage wrinkles. Rachel de Boer created an anti-wrinkle night bra that women would want to wear to bed.

Called La Decollette, it has a soft, padded rectangular piece of material between the collar bone and the sternum and sits between the breasts, was born and to De Boer’s amazement, has addressed a problem many women all over Europe seem to share.

The cupless bra is worn at night and keeps the breasts “in place” to prevent the compressing of breasts together which De Boer says can create vertical wrinkles.

De Boer’s anti-wrinkle bra has been a hit at lingerie shows around Europe and she said it also has the stamp of approval from the Parisian research institute CERCO or Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Cosmetologique.

This one-size fits all, anti-wrinkle bra costs 50-euro ($72).

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