HIV Alert!!!

newsIcon256I have just heard from a friend who is a doctor that they have been receiving a growing number of patients with HIV positive.  And this morning  I received a text message from a concerned friend giving a warning to those who are into gimicks, parties and night outs especially establishments in Mango Avenue like Cassanova, Pipeline, Juliana, The Beat etc.

The message states that there is this group positive with HIV who hangs out in Mango bars with a syringe, waiting to hit their next victim.  This might be a threat to some of us but we won’t lose a thing if we just believe in this and be aware and careful of the things around us.  Please be mindful of the place and the people you will be going out with if you do not want to be one of the victims.

Memories in Sumilon

sumilonI’m so grateful i got the chance of stepping once again into this breathtaking place and Cebu’s one of a kind resorts, Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. The 1st time i got to Sumilon was for a magazine photo shoot and just recently was for the resort’s new website.

The experiences were great that i even have a couple of them to keep me laughing. One of the most memorable was when i was required to do snorkeling without a life vest. Take note i don’t even know how to swim! (lol) Good thing Sumilon staffs were so kind and patient enough to teach me how to do it. Another was the longest trekking around island i have ever done. Most especially good company with some of the Resort’s staffs and the mouth watering food of Sumilon Island resort. hhhmmm… Just make me want to go back again.

Now, i am waiting for the final outcome of the resort’s new website. Another set of photos that will keep me reminding of all those good memories.

Park mall Cebu

parkmallPark mall Cebu, located at the North Reclamation area, has been established a few months ago but we have never been there. Only when my brother and sister-in-law came to visit Cebu for a vacation that was the time when we first got in Park mall. Since we do not have enough time having fun in the newest theme park here, Imperial Palace, instead we have decided to bring them the newest mall. (lol) The place was not that convenient for those who have to commute but if you happen to have a car, then you should check this place out.

Though it is a small shopping center but compared to other malls here in Cebu, they have bigger boutiques and the place is not that crowded yet. They also have a bazaar where you can buy cheap clothes, accessories, shoes and some stuff that you might need this Christmas. Outside the mall they have a wide variations of restaurants and bars. And what made it very attractive especially to kids is there big playroom inside the mall and a small kids park right outside the mall. Every one can enjoy shopping and relax right after the whole day of strolling, trotting and window-shopping. Check out the PHOTOS HERE.

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