The Wonder Bra In 3D

A 3D billboard has been erected on Waterloo Road in London today to promote the Wonderbra. Models dressed in just their underwear were handing out 3D glasses to passers by this morning.

The promotion drew large crowds and lots of interest. This is the first 3D advertising campaign to be seen in London. And of all the advertisements to come out first in 3d, it had to be a bra ;).

The Future Looks Flared

Calling all old-school jean lovers: it’s time to rejoice! Ankles are free to breathe again as flares make a comeback. If you have struggled to master the skinny and the boyfriend style left you looking bedraggled, then take comfort because the future of denim looks flared. In this photo, Katie Holmes looks chick with a checked shirt into her high-waisted flares.

Another flare combo is to have your flares with a pair of patent heels for a refreshing take on summer jeans. They are pretty advantageous as flares are an instant leg-lengthener and can create an elongated, flattering silhouette for all shapes, especially for those with vertically-challenged pins. Those who wear a long torso can even get away with longer, looser tops.

The possibilities with flares are endless. Pick your style and flaunt your flares!

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