Style for less

dressIt has been 6 months now since I started my small business, RTW or Ready to wear clothing for both men and women. After I resigned from my previous job, I decided to start up this small business of mine with the help of my hubby of course. I am so glad that it turned out so well and aside from my co-models and our renters as my loyalist buyers I also now have old friends from my first job who became a part of them.

My stocks usually are for ladies apparels but I also accept orders if you want me to find a specific dress or blouse of any kind. If you try to compare them, the products are the same as displayed in boutiques or shops but my prices are very much reasonable and lower than theirs. Not to mention that I offer free delivery if you are within the city. Even when I first bought my first stocks, I realized and decided not to buy from the malls but from my stocks or might as well buy from ukay-ukay. (lol) If you ask me if I’m tired of it? Well, with the use of Internet, I was able to disseminate the stuffs that I am selling and reached out to my customers easily. And shopping for other peoples’ need and convenience is a different kind of story and has brought so much pleasure to me. So I think I will be doing this for a longer time and sooner or later I will have a boutique of my own.

Dresses For Sale

blouse1Hey everyone. I have been pretty busy buying dresses blouse and accessories to sell. So I thought, if anyone here is from Cebu, Philippines and is interested in buying one, please let me know. You girls will surely love them. Even my husband who is not really much into fashion himself, likes my stocks (haha, was he biased? Naaah I do not think so, lolz). To see the photos in stock, please click here. My contact number is there as well. This is my 8th batch now and it is doing pretty good. I always label my set as Part #, the latest number meaning the latest that I have for sale.

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