Greenwich Treat Is Over

metrobankLast year Metrobank credit card holders enjoyed the sweet treats from Red Ribbon just in time for the holiday season and my husband and I were one of those who availed of it. I just love desserts, cakes, ice cream, chocolate and the like. That was what I loved about this promotion.

Early this year Greenwich was the one who gave us a pizza blow out. Before the promo ended last May we have had a lot of pizzas and pastas tried for free. As long as you reached the accumulated receipt of 10,000 PHP, walah! You can rush yourself to Greenwich and get a free pizza.

This time we’ll be looking forward to having a lot of freebies from Metrobank. I think this time it is from Adidas. As to what gears one can get from the credit card receipts … fingers crossed. Shoes? Nah! Wishful thinking lol. But anything redeemable is better than nothing at all.

Earn Via Sponsored Tweets

sponsored_tweetsThis is actually a post from my hubby’s blog and he wanted me to post it in my blog as well to help spread this new way to earn via Twitter.

IZEA will be introducing in due time another new way to earn while using Twitter, called Sponsored Tweets. The concept is pretty simple, publishers will set their desired price for posting twits. Advertisers will look for publishers who match their criteria like technology, fashion, travel, etc. and have their advertisement messages posted in the publisher’s twitter account.

Signing up is free. The user interface is simple to use. Well, there is really nothing to it. You just sit back and wait till they contact you for any opportunities. You set your notification mode via private messaging within the site or via email. I chose email so I do not have to keep on logging in to the site. They also have featured Twitter accounts of famous celebrities, artists and more in case you want to follow them. The look and feel of the site looks a bit like Pay Per Post’s new user interface.

Twitter users now have another way monetize through IZEA’s Sponsored Tweets program. To join, you can click on the square advertisement on the upper left side of this page. There is a square 125×125 banner there with the name Sponsored Tweets.

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