How Pine Nuts Can Ruin Tastebuds For Weeks

It’s a chef’s worst nightmare: to wake up one morning to find that food has lost its flavor — that every morsel to cross your lips tastes bitter, metallic, and inedible. Report says half of patients who think they have a food allergy actually don’t. This was the fate of San Francisco-based chef and food critic Jenna VanGrowski, who suffered from a bizarre taste disturbance last month known as “pine mouth.”

Though she didn’t know it at the time, the bitter aftertaste that came with anything she ate was due to a rare and seemingly random reaction to eating pine nuts. She snacked on some two days before. Various “palate cleansing” foods failed to get rid of the metallic aftertaste, known medically as metallogeusia.

The cause? It seemed the handful of pine nuts she snacked on days prior was the unlikely culprit. Fortunately, she also discovered that the reaction is temporary; most cases go away on their own in one to four weeks.

I Miss Larsian

My friends and i were brainstorming in facebook where is a good and cheap place to eat. And i finally realized what i was craving to eat for the past months, Larsian!!! I can’t remember the last time i tasted Larsian delicacies. The last thing i knew it was still in Fuente Osmena area. lol!

But it has been relocated to Mandaue. Since then i have never tasted their mouthwatering skewered pork, fish and chicken or barbecue as we call it, and the “puso”.  Have anyone tried Larsian in Mandaue? How was it? hehehe! I know my question sounds crazy because we know for the fact that all barbecues taste the same.

Well, i think i’ve convinced my friends to have our bonding session at Larsian Mandaue. Good luck to the tummies, hope it won’t be too sensitive this time.

Johnny’s Fish and Chips

johnny_fish_n_chipsAfter our bridal fashion show in Parkmall last February 28, 2010 my husband and i tried to go around the mall and look for a new place where we could eat.  And we ended up at Johnny’s Fish and Chips Co. Restaurant and had light dinner there.

We tried the beef tips which was really good and tasty, fish and chips was quite okay but i did not like the fish coated with too much flour.  Though their food serving and price were okay, i think they will have to innovate and create more dishes for their restaurant.  There were not much food to choose from.

But the place was very cozy and i think you should check and try their best seller food out, beef tips is one of them!

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