Burger Queen

Sleepless nights are back with this new game on that ipod touch that I am currently addicted with.  🙂 It’s been quite a long time since I last played an iTouch game. But ever since my hubby bought a new one, every night seemed to be too short for this new hobby. 🙂

There are a lot of them like the cake mania which is also my favorite, cooking dash, hotel dash which i will be sharing it to you on this blog soon. But Burger Queen Mania is one of my favorites next to cake mania.

It has 5 different episodes with 10-15 levels each.  Every level becomes more and more challenging and exciting as you deeper into each challenge. Upgrades for your burger junction is also available, which is the reason why i have not been sleeping too much. lol!

Try this out and I am sure you will be hooked with it like I am.

Bejeweled At Facebook

bejeweled9Bejeweled is a puzzle game by PopCap Games, first developed for the browser in 2001. Then there were stand alone applications developed. Once the Facebook craze hit to users, it did not take long for Bejeweled to have a place in the Facebook universe. And this is what my new addiction is now.

The objective of this game is to swap one gem with an adjacent gem to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more gems. Bonus points are given when more than three identical gems are formed or forms two lines of identical gems in one swap. Gems disappear when chains are formed and gems fall from the top to fill in gaps. Sometimes chain reactions, called cascades, are triggered, where chains are formed by the falling gems. Cascades are awarded with bonus points. There are two variations of the game to choose from. Other features include a bomb gem if you match 4 of the same kind and an electric kind of gem if you get to match 5 wherein the next match with the electric gem will match all identical gems wherever they are on the board.

This may get boring after some time but what really gets me addicted is because of the high scores of my friends listed beside the game and my hubby keeps teasing me that stay up late just because my hands cannot get off the keyboard, he he he.


plantI am sure anyone who is a Facebook user knows or has seen this is some request by your friend to join Farmtown. I recently got addicted to it lolz. I used to start playing Farmville but my husband told me to switch since he started with Farmtown and there is no sense to handle 2 accounts of games that feature the same game play. He did not want to start over from scratch if he played Farmville so I voluntarily switched to Farmtown.

The game is pretty simple. Just add neighbors, plow fields and plan them then sell them to the marketplace. As your level increases so will your available choices to plant and buy structures, animals, tress and others. You do not have to stay all day and all night idling the application since it will cut you off after I think some 10 minutes of idle time. You can leave your plants and come back the next day or a few hours after (this is up to you hehe). I have friends who are totally, as in totally addicted to it that they have to wake up in during the wee hours of the morning just to check on their account to see any updates and all. Do you play FarmTown? Fun game right? Simple, yet really fun.

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