The Apple iPad 3G Wi-Fi

Since the release of the i-Pod Touch and the i-Phone, touch screen technology has been growing in demand across a huge range of electronic goods. In the last year, due to the release of the i-Pad and other devices that quickly followed in Apple’s footsteps, Tablet PC’s have become the most sought after gadget for the consumerist society. They offer a freedom like no other portable device has ever done and are starting a revolution that seems set to rival that of the Mobile Phone over the last decade or so. There were however limitations to the initial release of the i-Pad, running purely on Wi-Fi meant that it could not function as a standalone PC while out and about. So with the release of the Apple iPad 3G WiFi 32GB and Apple iPad 3G WiFi 64GB, Apple really stepped up their game offering customers a much faster and more portable 3G Internet connection.

The Apple iPad 3G Wi-Fi really does out-shine any of its competitors in the Tablet PC market. It has the most flawless and sensitive touch screen technology, which is as responsive whether you use your index finger or a stylus. Whereas many touch screen devices in the past have seemed almost gimmicky, Apple have made it something consumers will soon find they cannot go without. It has a fantastic 9.56 inch screen, which produces a resolution of 1024 x 768. It weighs in at 1.6 pounds, which is almost the same weight as a pad of paper and only slightly heavier than its predecessor. The depth of the device is only half an inch making it as thin as a standard pad of paper and allows for 10 hours of battery life even if you are browsing the web. As usual it offers many more apps than other Tablet PC’s including all 150,000 i-Phone apps and allows you to stream music, videos and download e-books along with all the normal functions of a PC.

As usual all of the Apple iPad 3G Wi-Fi models run on the Apple OS X operating system, making the device much more user friendly than many other tablet PC’s. The screen allows for HD up to 720p and has a built in microphone and speaker. The other distinct advantage of the new model is of course its built in GPS hardware, which makes the device much better at pinpointing your location. It also keeps you informed as to how confident it is about your location by using a pulsing blue dot to represent your position on the map, unlike the standard i-Pad which quite often was off by a couple of streets.

In short, the Apple iPad 3G Wi-Fi is the guiding star for the rest of the Tablet PC competition. Offering increased functionality, unique software and hardware, impressive battery life and 3G technology allowing you all the freedom you could ask for from a handheld PC.


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