Congo Challenge

sunwayDuring our trip in Malaysia, there was this one ride in Sunway Lagoon that we almost missed, the Congo Challenge.  And lucky for us that we didn’t.  When you go to Sunway Lagoon theme park do not forget to drop and take a ride at the Congo Challenge, Malaysia’s only headfirst six-lane racer water ride.  It is one of the African- themed attractions in the water park.  My husband and I together with the rest of the group enjoyed this exciting ride and splashed all the way down.   It is quite scary at first because you will be lying down with your heads first but once you’ve tried it, you will be asking for more of it.  We even make 3 rounds of Congo Challenge.  That was the most unique water experience I have ever had.  Though we did not have pictures while riding the Congo Challenge, I will never forget the entire experience that we had at Sunway Lagoon.

Sunway Lagoon

If you plan to go to a theme park in Malaysia, make sure you include Sunway Lagoon in your itinerary.   One of the biggest and the best theme parks in Kuala Lumpur.  It is the best place for family, friends and even lovers to spend time together.  They have different kinds of theme parks.  Like the Extreme park that has all the exciting rides and is perfect for all the adventurous people, amusement, wildlife and scream parks are best for kids and family, and lastly the water park for all the water and beach lovers.  If you want to ride or try all of the parks, be sure to get there from opening time 11:00AM and try not to stay too long on every theme park that it would take so much of your time.  The Park closes at 6:00 PM daily so you won’t have much time doing unnecessary things.

A Plethora Of Dresses At Times Square KL

1Yes. When I say plethora, I mean very huge. Times Square in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the biggest mall I have seen so far in my life. The mall has 10 floors in total, features an IMAX theatre, a Golden Screen cinema, a huge bowling alley and a theme park with a roller coaster. Times Square mall is directly connected to the Imbi Monorail station and only 5 minutes away from the Hang Tuah LRT station. I tell you, my time was used 99% looking at the great dress bargains that their hundreds of stores offer while my hubby just waited outside and followed me around. There are lots of dresses and shirts that costs at least 10RM. No kidding here, there were 10RM apparel while most of the rest were at the 15-20RM range. I only got to buy a few since we really did not have any budget for shopping. It was purely all travel but I just could not resist at some of the dresses I saw there. Hence, my fashion instinct kicked in and I got to buy a few. If you are looking for women’s clothing, one day is not enough in Times Square mall.

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