Prince of Persia (the movie)

princeEver since before i was not really into fantasy/ mystical and science fiction type of movies.  But because of my husband’s interest i was influenced to watch and appreciate those type of movie genres.

Last Saturday May 29, 2010 we went out to chill and watched on the big screen the “Prince of Persia”.  According to my husband it used to be a famous video game that he used to play.   We have already watched a number of fantasy movies and it is one of the “okay” movies.

The story is about this young Dastan who was adopted from the streets of Nasaf by King Sharaman of Persia,grows up amongst royalty and quickly earns his place as a mighty warrior and prince. As his brothers Garsiv and Tus plan battle strategies, a spy sends word that the Holy City of Alamut has been supplying weapons to enemies of Persia. Taking matters into his own hands, Tus orders an attack on the sacred city and upon its fall Dastan encounters the beautiful Princess Tamina.

When King Sharaman dies under mysterious circumstances shortly after, and Dastan is accused of his murder, he flees with the princess on a harrowing mission to clear his name. Learning from Tamina the true motives behind Alamut’s invasion, Dastan will attempt to prevent the Sands of Time from falling into the wrong hands.

Let Us Watch The Movie: Date Night


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of 20th Century Fox. All opinions are 100% mine.

This Friday April 9, 2010, a movie that stars Steve Carell and Tina Fey will be showing in theaters. Titled “Date Night”, I saw the trailer and this looks like a unique and interesting new movie with a blend of action, comedy and romance. Just to give you a little idea on what the movie is all about, a case of mistaken identity in New York City turns a bored married couple’s attempt at a glamorous and romantic evening into something more thrilling and dangerous.

I always enjoy watching comedy movies and this one is no exception. This twist in a romantic evening turned awry is what makes this movie a comedy. Steve Carell and Tina Fey both are established actor and actress and from the trailer itself, I saw them as really fit for their roles. And hey! Mark Wahlberg’s part of the movie too! Plus a good blend of a few action scenes will always keep viewers attentive.

Check out this video and watch the trailer. Pretty good right? You should watch the movie! Tell your friends about it. It is always more fun to watch comedy movies with your friends. I’ll see you on opening weekend for the Date Night Movie. See you all there!

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Korean invasion

loversFilipino showbiz and industry are very hooked with other country’s movies or TV series like Korea and Mexico in particular. I can still remember my favorite Korean series on TV but in Filipino version the Lovers in Paris. I never thought the story would be that funny and romantic. I really love the story. (lol) Also my most watched horror movies are those produced in and by Korea. They have the most thrilling and scary films. It is not just the talents of the Korean actresses and actors are being praised but also the voice-overs. They are the people behind the voices of the Korean actors and have made the stories relevant and more interesting.  And now there are a lot of these series being shown on Philippine television.  Not only that, we can also see that Korean’s have also invaded the music industry just like this newest talk of the town Korean song, Nobody.  I’m sure you’ve heard about it. It is kind of weird singing this song but for some it’s really cute. It does not matter what or who sang the song as long as it has a meaning and people can relate to it.

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