Over 7,000 Tagged In A Photo – Guinness Record

At this year’s Glastonbury Festival in England were stitched together to create a 1.3-gigapixel image. There were around 70,000 people captured and over 7,000 tagged themselves on Facebook resulting in a Guinness World Record for most people tagged in a photo.

Oh man, even a thousand looks already too much for me how much more 7,000?!? That Facebook page containing the photo might be very long when viewed in the browser. You may wonder how a small image can be seen by thousands of people and get themselves tagged.

Two Hasselblad H4D-50 cameras used have 50 megapixel sensors which resulted in the 36 photos taken in under a minute flat, and later stitched together for a photo hi-res enough for people to zoom in on every single individual, to search for themselves and friends

I do not think there was a previous record holder. But who knows, with this record on hand there will be more possibilities of this happening in the future trying to break this new record. Did you join this event? Were you part of it? Share to us where you are exactly in the photo.

Summer Frolics ’09

summerLast March 21,2009, a summer fashion event—Summer Fashion Frolics was held at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, one of the top resorts in Asia. The event was showcased by Plantation Bay’s Hawaiian Luau and Brazilian dancers, Cebu’s top and respectful designers Salvador Malto and Lotte D. Edwards who is now based in Singapore. It was an honor for us the MAC models to have had worn and conveyed their summer collections on the ramp. Also we enjoyed the whole show and our stay at the resort. Thanks to Plantation Bay Resort and Spa! Cheers…

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