Memories in Sumilon

sumilonI’m so grateful i got the chance of stepping once again into this breathtaking place and Cebu’s one of a kind resorts, Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. The 1st time i got to Sumilon was for a magazine photo shoot and just recently was for the resort’s new website.

The experiences were great that i even have a couple of them to keep me laughing. One of the most memorable was when i was required to do snorkeling without a life vest. Take note i don’t even know how to swim! (lol) Good thing Sumilon staffs were so kind and patient enough to teach me how to do it. Another was the longest trekking around island i have ever done. Most especially good company with some of the Resort’s staffs and the mouth watering food of Sumilon Island resort. hhhmmm… Just make me want to go back again.

Now, i am waiting for the final outcome of the resort’s new website. Another set of photos that will keep me reminding of all those good memories.

Sumilon Bluewater Island Photoshoot

sbirFriday, March 12 2010 I went to Sumilon island for a photoshoot. This island is one of Cebu’s tourist hotspots offering serene environments and crystal clear waters. The resort I went to and stayed in is managed by Bluewater Resorts. Under the slow spell of the luminous skies, your senses fully open to its natural surroundings and beckon you to savor the gastronomic fare of the island.

This was my second experience going to Sumilon island. The first one was for a magazine issue last 2005 while this time, it was for the resort’s brochures and website. I lost my digital camera a few months back so I only had my cellphone camera to use. I was surprised the pictures I took were great. Check these out!


I had a few photoshoots when started out a few years ago. I believe they have lots of users now, including from other countries since they also have per-country versions. It is similar to other social websites like Friendster which is famous in Asia, or MySpace which is famous in Western countries. I am not sure though if they still use the photos that I’m in in their pages. I was lucky enough to grab a few soft files of the photos courtesy of my hubby. We used to be officemates before. Actually where we first met, lolz. The photoshoot was a blessing in disguise because right after, I just tried my luck to apply with Bigfoot. I never expected anything. Then I got called up informing me that I was hired. And the rest, is history … 😉

I’m placing some photos here. To see the rest, please click here.

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