Sex On The Beach: Soon To Be Banned In Boracay?

Too much? Boracay authorities are threatening to implement a “no sex on the beach” rule, after ABS-CBN News caught on camera two couples in various states of undress publicly making out on New Year’s Day. One couple was said to be having sex on the beach, while the other pair was making out, with the woman’s breasts exposed. Both pairs were allegedly foreigners.

John Yap, the mayor of Malay that has jurisdiction over Boracay, told ABS-CBN that authorities are thinking of a “no sex on the beach” ordinance so that other tourists would not be scandalized. “It’s an isolated case and quite difficult to control but, if police had seen them, they would have been arrested for public scandal,” the AFP quoted Yap as saying.

Host-actress Ruffa Gutierrez, who spent the holidays in Boracay with her family and friends, told ABS-CBN,”Bilang Pinay, I’m still very conservative kahit pa lumaki ako sa Amerika. Ayoko naman na gawin ng mga anak ko iyon–knock on wood–one day. So for me, it’s just not right.” (“As a Filipina, I’m still very conservative even if I grew up in the States. I don’t want my children to do those things one day… It’s just not right.”)

What do you think? Share your thoughts.

Stranded In A Cruise Ship

A cruise to just about anywhere may prove to be a great honeymoon experience for couples. But perish the thought when a freak accident may occur, stranding passengers for how many days. That is what happened recently with the cruise ship Splendor.

Passengers experienced the harsh life inside a cruise ship for 3 days after the ship lay adrift and powerless at sea from an engine-room fire. Oh wow! Honeymoons ruined. People tired and restless. I can feel their emotions. If that were me in that cruise ship, I’d be restless too. Food rotten, toilets smelly.

It was a good thing that they are now finally on land, the shipped having been tugged by tug boats. I was glad to see their smiling faces after what they had gone through. That kind of ordeal is a nightmare and nobody would ever want that to happen to them.

Memories in Sumilon

sumilonI’m so grateful i got the chance of stepping once again into this breathtaking place and Cebu’s one of a kind resorts, Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. The 1st time i got to Sumilon was for a magazine photo shoot and just recently was for the resort’s new website.

The experiences were great that i even have a couple of them to keep me laughing. One of the most memorable was when i was required to do snorkeling without a life vest. Take note i don’t even know how to swim! (lol) Good thing Sumilon staffs were so kind and patient enough to teach me how to do it. Another was the longest trekking around island i have ever done. Most especially good company with some of the Resort’s staffs and the mouth watering food of Sumilon Island resort. hhhmmm… Just make me want to go back again.

Now, i am waiting for the final outcome of the resort’s new website. Another set of photos that will keep me reminding of all those good memories.

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