Simon Cowell: Glee Has Changed The Rules

What do you think of Glee, the Fox hit tv show? I think it is a great show that seemingly caught everyone by surprise that it would become a hit. Even Simon Cowell had to agree.

I read this article in CNN and according to Digital Spy, X Factor creator Simon Cowell says the hit Fox show about a high school show choir helped inspire him to bring his British show stateside.

“If somebody said to me five years ago that one of the biggest pop stars or groups in the world was going to be a glee club, I never would’ve believed it,” Cowell said. “What they’ve done with ‘Glee,’ I believe, is that they’ve broken away all boundaries; all shapes, all sizes all mixed together, but it just works.”

On “Glee,” it’s all about the talent, and each glee club character is an individual with different styles. The success of the show speaks volumes, Cowell said.

“It kind of goes against record company thinking… because they like to think in terms of everything’s gotta be perfection,” he said. “But ‘Glee’ changed the rules and that’s part of the reason we are making this show. To prove that actually you shouldn’t have rules for talent…It should be, if you’re talented or if you’re different, you should have a chance to succeed along with anyone else.”

Do you think he is right? Share your thoughts.

Victoria’s Secret 2010 Fashion Show

I am looking forward to watching Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2010 when it airs end of this month. I have been watching this for 3 straight years now and whenever the models strut their stuff on the catwalk, somehow, revs up the crowd making the show even more entertaining.

If you search the Internet now, you can see photos during the show. This was actually pre-taped live but will be aired later within this month. Guests include Katy Perry and Akon. A known figure is absent this time. Long time Victoria’s Secret angel Heidi Klum has made it clear last year was her last.

I really love her and even though at that age she is still beautiful. It would have been better to see her ramp on the catwalk. Their fashion shows never disappoint me and this year is no exception. I know it’s going to be good when I watch it.

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