The Elite Hair Club For Women

Not unlike Michael’s, Arsen Gurgov’s blow-dry station at the Louis Licari salon on 5th Avenue has become an early-morning clubhouse for a few powerful women in media.

Among the ladies who regularly turn up for an $85 blowout that lasts nearly all week are Harper’s Bazaar publisher Valerie Salembier, Bravo network head Lauren Zalaznick, Self editor Lucy Danziger, Elle Décor editor Peggy (Margaret) Russell, Traditional Home publisher Beth Fuchs Brenner, LX New York producer Amy Rosenblum and the network’s co-anchor Jane Hanson, and “Today” co-anchor Hoda Kotb. (Mr. Gurgov, who started as a salon assistant at 17, commutes from Queens in a Mercedes-Benz SL550.)

Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. is one of the most popular slots at Louis Licari, and Ms. Salembier tends to land the first appointment. “She’s the grande dame,” Ms. Rosenblum said.

“Don’t mess with me,” Ms. Salembier warned. “It’s like some guys’ tee times. This is our golf course.”

My New Hair

new_hairWe all know especially for the ladies how the hair modifies and enhances ones facial feature and sometimes boosts self confidence.  That is why we call it the “crowning glory”.  Girls spend money to hair salons and hair products just to achieve glowing and healthy hair.

Some dye their hair, have it permed, straightened or cut it in any way they like.  But i usually do not do a lot of things to my hair.  A simple haircut from a hair salon will do.  Last Sunday when i went to SM mall together with my husband, we looked around for a new salon to try on.

And i realized that Tony and Jackey Salon has a branch in SM.  So i finally decided to try this newest Korean salon in town.  I was kind of hesitant at first because their price was beyond the regular prices from the salons that i went to.  But since i don’t know where else to go and because of my curiosity i had my hair done by a Korean hair stylist. After which i could not actually say the difference from the rest of the salons haircut.

All i can say is that Tony and Jackey staffs were great, the Koreans were very friendly and the service was very good.  But for a simple haircut, price is not that reasonable at all.  If i were to choose i would go back to my original hair cutter.

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