The Difficulties Of Medical Translation

Not everyone can translate medical records. For one thing, one has to be adept in their field. They must be familiar with the terms and understand what is written in the records. Every medical document develops technical ideas through precise and specific terms. This terminology should be respected at all costs. In addition, medical translation is based on many different areas of specialization.

Therefore it is necessary to find a qualified and experienced specialist to work on such documents. The same way you would go to a cardiologist for a heart problem, you want to turn to a translator specialized in the area covered in your document to do its translation. Not some carpenter, right? Not entrusting your translation to an expert would be like contacting a general practitioner to perform surgery.

Medical translations can include some or all of the following non-exhaustive list of medical translations are dealt with every day:

  • Journals
  • Conference reports
  • Publications
  • Projects and research reports
  • Results of studies and reports of new research
  • Works of general interest
  • Test reports
  • Leaflets
  • Dosages for new products
  • Clinical trial results
  • Pharmaceutical regulations
  • Medical reports

So many, right? It is with utmost important that a medical translation company that offers such services is the right choice to start with. Check it out.

Recording Conversations

There could be a time when you need to record something that is said and you don’t want to write it down. You might need to record a statement to present in court or for a job.

digital audio recorders are a benefit if there is something that you need to document so that it can be played back at a later time. One of the ways that you can use this kind of recorder is in a classroom. You can record the lesson, then play it back so that you write down the important details.

Another way to use recorders is in an attorney’s office or in a court room. Testimony can be recorded and played in front of a judge so that there is a statement made by the defendant or witnesses.

There are recorders that you can use to make notes for going to the grocery store or if you need to run errands and don’t want to deal with writing the information on a piece of paper only to lose it later.

Work meetings can be recorded so that employees and managers can go back later to listen to what was said about future plans in the company.

Over 7,000 Tagged In A Photo – Guinness Record

At this year’s Glastonbury Festival in England were stitched together to create a 1.3-gigapixel image. There were around 70,000 people captured and over 7,000 tagged themselves on Facebook resulting in a Guinness World Record for most people tagged in a photo.

Oh man, even a thousand looks already too much for me how much more 7,000?!? That Facebook page containing the photo might be very long when viewed in the browser. You may wonder how a small image can be seen by thousands of people and get themselves tagged.

Two Hasselblad H4D-50 cameras used have 50 megapixel sensors which resulted in the 36 photos taken in under a minute flat, and later stitched together for a photo hi-res enough for people to zoom in on every single individual, to search for themselves and friends

I do not think there was a previous record holder. But who knows, with this record on hand there will be more possibilities of this happening in the future trying to break this new record. Did you join this event? Were you part of it? Share to us where you are exactly in the photo.

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