How To Prepare For A Winter Hike

Hiking might seem like one of those activities you should only do in the summer, but if you have the right gear and supplies, you can hike all winter long too. Winter hikes are quite different from summer hikes. You’ll see different animals racing through the woods, face different obstacles as you walk and need different gear too. While you can spend a few hours or more enjoying the great outdoors on a cold winter day, you want to make sure that you prepare for that hike and that you bring the right supplies.

Map Out Your Route

Before heading out on your trip, sit down with a map of all the trails in the area to plan your route. Make a copy of that route that you leave behind with others. This ensures that someone knows where you are and that they can contact help if needed. As you plan your route, make sure that you map out some type of backup plan. You never know when a trail might be inaccessible because of ice or when heavy snow might make your favorite trail too dangerous to follow.

Pack the Right Supplies

Even if you only want to spend an hour outside, pack as if you planned a longer trip. Winter snow, ice and other hazards can impede your progress and leave you stuck in the woods for longer than you would like. Always have a GPS unit in your bag that can help you find alternative paths and routes through the woods. You should also bring along waterproof matches in case you need to start a fire, a small first aid kit and some basic food. Smart hikers always carry at least two bottles of water, dehydrated hiking food and candy or energy bars.

Wear the Right Gear

No matter how much you love winter, you might not feel the same way after hiking through several feet of snow. Wearing the right clothing and wearing multiple layers can help you stay warm and dry. Try layering a pair of polar fleece leggings underneath your regular pants and wearing a tank top, lightweight shirt and sweatshirt under your hiking jacket. You can also wear several pairs of socks with plastic sandwich bags inside your boots. Preparing the right way, including wearing the right clothing and packing the right gear, can help you stay safe on a winter hike.

Winter Footwear For Cold Weather And Snow

Moms and wives often think of their footwear needs well after they choose shoes for their family. However, children and husbands need the mom in their lives to stay healthy and warm in the wintertime, which is why women may shop women’s UGG Boots and other shoe fashions online. When they buy warm and fashionable footwear for themselves, women can get shoes they need to stay safe, warm, and healthy during the cold winter weather.

Even more, these kinds of boots are considered to be the height of fashion right now, which makes them in demand once winter weather arrives. When ladies want to get their pair before the rush, they can shop online during the off season and beat out their friends, relatives, and neighbors to the widest selection now. They can also save money when they shop in the off season because the demand for these boots are relatively low. As women clamor for boots and more, however, the prices will rise. When they shop early, they can save money.

Picking out the ideal pair of winter footwear can also require that women look at all of the colors and sizes. They may want a pair that they can wear with any outfit, which could cause them to choose a pair in brown or black. However, if they have a certain outfit in mind that they want to match, they can also find boot styles in other colors. They can use the filter function online to get the boots that are ideal for them.

Some women must stay on budget even when shopping for themselves. When pricing is a concern, they can use the pricing filter to look at shoes and boots that fall within the price range they are willing to spend. This function helps them avoid overspending and also lets them get a good pair of boots or shoes that they can enjoy wearing.

Shopping this way may allow them to avoid the crowds that tend to flock to local stores. Local shoe stores sometimes only have a limited amount of winter wear on hand at any given time and also may be crowded as women scramble for pairs for themselves and loved ones. When they shop online, women can take their time and find styles that make them happy. They can avoid being overrun by anxious shoppers who panic over the limited styles found in stores.

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